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Supercrypt: A runas administrator replacement tool with total encryption

Supercrypt is a newer and better version of lsrunase, visit this page for lsrunas/lsrunase

Supercrypter makes encrypted .lsc files based on your input (in this example we make the google.lsc file)

You can then use these encrypted .lsc files with Supercrypt to run the chosen program using the chosen account.

The executable variable makes sure that only the intended program can be run as administrator.
The technique for doing this is calculating the hash value of the executable.

Supercrypt makes sure that the user can only run the program it was intended to run!

  • Supercrypt has the following parameter:

    /lscfile: specifies the .lsc file (create the file with SupercryptER)

    supercrypt /lscfile:"c:\google.lsc"

    Some remarks:

    • Works on Windows 2000, Windows 2003, XP

Supercrypt 2.0 is out and it is now part of the Lansweeper Premium User Pack

What's new in this version:

  • Improved encryption. (RC4 + salt) (see CVE-2007-6340)
  • The profile for the user is now automatically created.
  • Improved parameter handling.
  • Environment variables are now supported.
Lansweeper Premium User Pack